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GirlUp x NMC CESI: Coffee House

Our upcoming Coffee House is a space for people to come in and reflect about the barriers they might have faced in accessing an education (at any level). This reflection can be expressed through poetry, painting, spoken word or discussion. This is in effort to raise awareness about the various barriers people face in accessing an education in our community and around the world, that we might not be aware of.

Removing those barriers starts with recognizing their existence and getting comfortable talking about them.

GirlUp is a UN affiliated organization that advocated for girls' education around the world. GirlUp UofT is a chapter of the organization at the University of Toronto our club is inclusive of everyone, and welcomes people from all genders, ethnicities and backgrounds. As GirlUp UofT we focus on women and girls' education (Queer and Trans inclusive) because they are often than not at a great disadvantage when it comes to education due to inequitable barriers

Join us at the GirlUp X NMC CESI: Coffee House! The is an opportunity to perform in a safe space, meet new people, spread positivity and continue our conversation in regards to the barriers women, girls and female-identifying individuals face at any level You can perform (sing, dance, music, etc.), participate in making art through different mediums (including painting, sketching, etc.), enjoy a cup of coffee or just enjoy the performances! If you are interested in signing up to perform, visit this form:

See more photos here.


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