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Arabic Language Workshops

Since being granted our initial Faculty of Arts and Science funding, NMC CESI has been holding weekly language and cultural exchange workshops between U of T students and newcomer youth on campus to facilitate conversations among participants, helping to improve their speaking and writing skills in both Arabic and English. The activities are meant to introduce both parties to different aspects of Canadian and Syrian culture.


What does a typical workshop look like?

Each week we have 40-50 participants, newcomers and students, attending our workshops, matched 1-1, and we select a new topic and provide each participant with their own worksheet based on the requisite language (either Arabic or English).


The significant aspect of our workshop is not only to teach participants new words, but also motivate them to debate and discuss universal and controversial issues, and to potentially learn from each other’s unique experience. 

Check out photos from our previous language workshops on our Facebook page

If you have any questions or are interested in participating, email us at

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